JISS in English

Japan Institute of Scandinavian Studies ( JISS )

1. Purpose

  1. To study Swedish society in terms of all the angles
  2. To inform Japanese of the state of art about Sweden
  3. To offer information services about Sweden for Japanese

2. History

1967, Oct: Established by Prof. Shigeyoshi Matsumae, President of Tokai University and Mr. Masayoshi Ohhira, then Foreign Minister, The Inauguration was attended by Princess Cristina Magnusson with 300 Swedish books and literatures gifted 2012, Apr: Emphasis to disseminate deeper knowledge about Sweden to Japan rather than doing own research

3. Activities

  1. Monthly lecture about Sweden, already 182 times as of January 2016 with about 1000 participants a year
  2. Swedish language courses, 4 times a year and about 200 students every year
  3. Quarterly magazine, already 371 issues (as of January 2016)
  4. Information services to Japanese mass-media, companies and academic circles
  5. Support for visitors from Sweden and to Sweden
  6. Consultation with students who will study in Sweden
  7. Special projects assigned by Japanese governmental institutions

4. Organization

  1. President: Kenji Suzuki (Professor at the School of Global Japanese Studies, Meiji University)
  2. 17 board members
  3. About 250 individual members and 5 corporate members
  4. About 2,000 persons on a mailing list

5. Finance

  1. 10,000 yen a year from individual members, 60,000 yen from corporate members
  2. 7.5 million yen assets as of March, 2015
  3. Ad hoc projects assigned by the Japanese government such as ODA, Climate change, Higher education in Swede, Encyclopedia Sweden on Website, 3-4 million yen per assignment

6. Location

  1. Registered office: 8-3 Roppongi 3 Chome Minatoku Tokyo
  2. Secretary office: 19-7, Shinkoiwa 2chome, Katsushika-ku Tokyo

7. Contact

  1. E-mail office@m.jissnet.com
  2. Telephone +81 3 5661-6035